Top-rated restaurants in Elizabeth Charlotte.

Explore Culinary Delights Near Elizabeth Station Apartments

At Elizabeth Station, while each apartment boasts a stunning gourmet kitchen perfect for whipping up your favorite dishes, sometimes, the call to dine out is just too strong to resist. Fortunately, a plethora of tantalizing dining options await just moments away in Charlotte, NC. Whether you’re in the mood for the comfort of pizza and burgers, the rich flavors of Cajun cuisine, or the elegance of fine dining, an array of delicious choices is at your doorstep – here’s a sneak peek at some of them.


Bang Bang Burgers

Craving a succulent burger? Look no further than Bang Bang Burgers, situated just a short stroll away. Their burgers, a fusion of Black Angus chuck and short rib, coupled with scratch-made brioche buns from a local bakery, have rightfully earned them the title of Charlotte’s Best Burger. Dive into their menu and more on their website.

The Crunkleton

More than just an exceptional bar, The Crunkleton in Charlotte brings the same zeal to its dinner offerings, cooking over open fire to craft a menu that pairs seamlessly with their cocktails. Note that it operates as a private club, requiring membership. Discover more about their offerings on The Crunkleton’s website.

Caswell Station

Just a stone’s throw from Elizabeth Station, Caswell Station delights with its Americana-inspired menu with inventive twists. Located in a landmark house, this pub and grill offers dishes ranging from Lobster Corn Dogs to Surf and Turf Fajitas. Peruse their menu and book a table via the Caswell Station website.

The Stanley

At The Stanley, under the guidance of James Beard Nominated Chef Paul Verica, diners can expect a reimagined dining experience in Elizabeth’s historic neighborhood. Their menu shines with locally sourced, seasonally inspired items focused on both flavor and craftsmanship. Explore their offerings and make reservations on The Stanley’s website.

The Fig Tree

For fine dining near Elizabeth Station, The Fig Tree is a must-visit, nestled in the historic Lucas House. With a menu that marries French and Italian cuisine, complemented by an award-winning wine selection, it promises an exquisite dining experience. Delve into their menu and reserve your table on The Fig Tree’s website.


At Stagioni, experience the essence of Italian cuisine through a menu that evolves with the seasons. Located in a picturesque villa, its offerings invite diners to savor a multi-course journey from antipasto to primi and secondi. Visit Stagioni’s website to see their current menu and for reservation information.


Dressler’s blends exceptional cuisine with a warm, inviting atmosphere, aiming to turn first-time visitors into long-time friends. Each dish is crafted to evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort. Take a closer look at their menu and the vibe that makes Dressler’s unique on their website.

Cajun Queen

A mere hop away, Cajun Queen welcomes diners into a century-old house to savor authentic Cajun cuisine. Whether you opt for live jazz upstairs or a cozier setting downstairs, a visit promises a memorable experience. Discover more and book your table on the Cajun Queen website.

Central Coffee Co

For those essential coffee fixes, Central Coffee Co, a family-operated local gem, offers an array of coffee and freshly baked pastries. Learn what makes them special on the Central Coffee Co website.

Sunflour Baking Company

Lastly, don’t miss Sunflour Baking Company for irresistible baked goods and more, sure to become a beloved spot for every resident. Check out their offerings on the Sunflour Baking Company website.


Living at Elizabeth Station means being surrounded by an array of culinary treasures just waiting to be explored. Visit us at Elizabeth Station and discover the vibrant neighborhood that adds to the charm of calling this place home.

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