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Discover Great Entertainment and Dessert Shops Near Elizabeth Station Apartments

Is there any better pairing than a movie and dessert evening? Whether it’s a date, a family gathering, a night out with friends, or a solo adventure, a film followed by treats is always a fantastic idea. Living at our Elizabeth Station apartments in Charlotte means you’re spoilt for choice with both cinemas and dessert places. Let’s explore some top picks for movie theaters and dessert destinations around Elizabeth Station.


AMC Park Terrace 6

A short drive from Elizabeth Station apartments, the AMC Park Terrace 6 offers the latest blockbuster hits in heated recliners with advance reservation options. With a menu that can be ordered via an app and includes adult beverages from MacGuffins Bar, it’s a top-notch movie-going experience. Check out showtimes and more on AMC Park Terrace 6’s website.


Regal Phillips Place

For more screening options, Regal Phillips Place cinema is another excellent choice. Immerse yourself in the latest film releases while enjoying comfortable seating and classic snacks. For tickets and showtimes, visit the Regal Phillips Place website.


Insomnia Cookies

For those with a sweet tooth, Insomnia Cookies is just under 2.5 miles from our apartments, serving irresistible freshly baked cookies and more. Their menu includes delights like Red Velvet and Double Chocolate Mint cookies, cookie butters, and ice cream. Satisfy your cravings by checking their website.


Elizabeth Creamery

Your neighborhood ice cream shop, Elizabeth Creamery, offers classic and innovative flavors served in waffle cones, sugar cones, or dishes. They feature shakes, sundaes, and more. Keep up with their flavors on the Elizabeth Creamery Facebook page.


Two Scoops Creamery

A mere five minutes away, Two Scoops Creamery delights with over 32 homemade flavors. Deciding among options like Thin Mint Crunch or Not Your Mama’s Pumpkin Pie can be tough. Visit the Two Scoops Creamery website for flavors and more.


Simply Southern Baking Co.

If baked goods are your weakness, Simply Southern Baking Co. is your spot for nostalgic treats. Their offerings include snack cakes, “Dunkaroos,” and more. Delve into their sweet menu on the Simply Southern Baking Co. website.


Villani’s Bakery

Sample heavenly pastries at Villani’s Bakery, a New York-Italian delicacy provider. From turnovers to macarons, each item is a treat. Explore their delicious offerings on Villani’s Bakery’s website.


Sunflour Baking Company

Another favorite, Sunflour Baking Company promises irresistible baked items like muffins and croissants, with breakfast and lunch options too. Do check out their menu on the Sunflour Baking Company website.


Engage in the perfect blend of entertainment and indulgence with these superb cinema and dessert options around Elizabeth Station apartments. And don’t forget to visit Elizabeth Station to explore our beautiful living spaces.

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